used dental chairs


When it comes to the dental unit, it is a must-have working tool for every dental professional. Generally, the dental unit consists of specific components, including the dental chair, stool, aspiration, lighting, hydric box, cuspidor, and other elements.


The intelligent and versatile used dental chairs is the perfect option for any clinic. The sleek and stylish design is focused on both aesthetics and practicality. In addition, the used dental chairs also enhances ergonomics to provide extra comfort for patients during the treatment. All dental devices from SAFETY deliver the most enjoyable user experience nowadays!


We work closely with dental professionals and introduce smart new technologies to ensure maximum comfort and superior treatment quality. Our used dental chairs allows users to perform two- or four-handed dentistry, making their work more accessible and more efficient.

SAFETY has been dedicated to manufacturing perfect and flawless dental units for 10 years. SAFETY dental unit has been the industry's innovation standard with 35 patents and 10 verified certificates. Patient comfort is a top priority in our product development, and we are committed to providing the most comfortable treatment experience ever. With our expertise and superior manufacturing process, the used dental chairs from SAFETY is always relaxing for patients while also focusing on providing quality dental care.


We design our dental devices according to the dental industry classified by innovative technology major. We provide diversified engineering solutions to our customers all over the world through 3D modeling, imitation analysis, and optimized combinations with our specialties. We can offer design services to meet dental industry needs and local standards in many countries and areas, such as China, the USA, Russia, Australia, Brazil, the Middle East, South Asia, etc. All of the projects are running smoothly and successfully. For more information about the used dental chairs, please feel free to contact us!