Implant Series

Implant Series



SAFETY dental chairs with operating units in implant series are built for dental implantation, which is special for dental clinics. The dental surgical unit design provides maximum convenience and space for dentists or physicians to maximize their specialized capabilities. 


Our dental unit chairs have become one of the latest and the most popular dental chairs around the world. The 5 central themes of the SAFETY implant series are safety, design, durability, innovation, and customization. The dental surgical chairs adopt a perfect ergonomic design to maximize comfort and accessibility.


SAFETY manufactures and supplies the implant chair, implant operation chair, implant lamp and more dental products for the dental implant. This implant series is versatile to meet the different requirements of customers - implant, ECG monitoring, teeth whitening, surgical operation, and so on for implant dental treatment. 


Why Choose SAFETY’s Implant Operation Chair?

The implant operation chair, also known as implant chair, is an important dental equipment for dentists. SAFETY's implant operation chair would impress you a lot with the fabulous functions.

Unrivaled Infection Control

Bid farewell to cross-infection worries! Our implant operation chair boasts advanced features that effectively thwart aerosol transmission and cross-contamination, setting new benchmarks in hygiene standards. Experience peace of mind knowing that every surface is meticulously designed for easy and thorough disinfection.

Surprisingly Comfort and Longevity

Crafted with durable Microfiber Leather, our implant chair ensures patient comfort akin to a therapeutic slumber while safeguarding their waist. The yellowing-resistant high-quality plastics maintain a pristine, brand-new appearance, delighting you and ensuring lasting satisfaction.

Innovative Design, Seamless Maintenance

Embrace hassle-free maintenance with thoughtful design elements. From the silicone pad protecting the seat to the streamlined pipeline layout with metal connectors, every aspect enhances durability, cleanliness, and ease of care. Our rotatable floor-standing side box simplifies maintenance and repair with its intuitive design.

What is the Weight Limit on a Implant Operation Chair?

In SAFETY, each implant chair has an excellent bearing capacity. The implant chair is capable of bearing 190kg. After the 6000 hours bearing, the implant chair still has no problem.