Company Introduction

SAFETY is dedicated to manufacturing 10 years faultless dental units. SAFETY dental unit has been the industry's innovation standard with 35 patents and 10 verified certificates.

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What We Do

The point of using SAFETY is that it has a high-quality dental unit, as opposed to using 'cheap materials, simple structure', making it look like a strong heart.

Manufacturing Base

The marketing center is committed to creating a simulated environment of dental office and integrating it into the training center which combines production and learning together so that customers can enjoy a more authentic and comprehensive product experience
We have a refined PMC planning production system so that all orders can be delivered orderly and efficiently
SAFETY has more than ten different inspection equipment, and every part of the dental chair has strict inspection standards and procedures
SAFETY has the visualized management process of the digital production system makes each link of production more efficient and more controllable, ensuring the function and quality of each product, can meet international standards
In SAFETY's finished product inspection, each finished product must go through 83 tests before entering the packaging process
SAFETY has a perfect after-sales parts delivery process. After receiving the failure maintenance notice, it ensures that the qualified maintenance parts are delivered within 24 hours.

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Design Capacity

We, SAFETY, design our products according to the dental industry which is classified by the innovative technology major, setting up the structure, the mechanism, the piping, the electricity & instrument, the suction, the equipment, and the like under the innovative technology major. We offer diversified engineering proposals at an international level for our clients through 3D modeling, imitating analysis, and optimizing combination with the profession. We have offered dental industry design services which meet the industry demands and local standards in many countries such as China, America, Russia, Australia, Brazil, the Middle East, South Asia, and so on, and all of the projects are running smoothly.

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Our Team

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