Economical Series

Economical series



The portable dental chairs of the economical series feature a practical design, making them become hot sales and cost-effective dental chair units at SAFETY. The function of dental chair is ideal for satisfying various customer's requirements, including implant system, ECG monitoring, teeth whitening, surgical operation, top-mounted tray, photography system, imaging system, etc.

China dental unit is committed to practicality and safety, which can bring a comprehensive upgrade to the dental surgical unit. You deserve it! The green dental chair can provide patients with a comfortable, relaxing experience while helping dentists and hygienists offer the best dental care possible. The dental unit chair is an important part of any dental practice, which also is a substantial and worthwhile investment.


Quality materials of dental chairs can play an important role in making a lasting impression on patients. In addition to chair upholstery, custom fabrics, finishes, and colors, don't forget the whole appearance of the chair itself. Your patients may see the dental chair before they see you, and the sturdy construction and attractive appearance help build confidence in their expected experience.

Moreover, in this series, the electric dental chair price offered by SAFETY is reasonable and affordable. There is no doubt that the SAFETY takes a good balance between the dental chair unit’s features and electric dental chair price. Thus, you can have a good operation experience and feel not over pressure in the budget with this economical series of new dental chair.