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For patients and dentists, the dental chair is one of the most important parts of every dental department. In this sense, ergonomics plays a very important role. Usually, the main components of a dental chair consist of the seat, headrest, backrest and armrests, etc. And the supporting dental tools consist mainly of spittoons, inhalation systems, pedals, dental instruments trays or tables, oral lights, etc.


Also, the perfect dental chair is essential to enhance the dentist's work. Dental professionals spend several hours a day leaning on the dental chair during their work. Therefore, the dental chair must ensure comfort, ease of use and patient comfort. A professional dental chair can alleviate the problem of a restricted position that makes it difficult to operate.


SAFETY offers top-quality and durable dental treatment chairs as well as a series of dental products - dentist equipment, dental instruments and dental parts, including the dental operation lamp, intraoral camera, ultrasonic scaler, curing light, dental reflective lamp, dental LED lamp, handpiece hose, suciton hose, dental compressor, oiless compressor, silent compressor, dental camera, dental electric motor scan, dental scanner, dental x-ray and more for dental clinics.