Children Series

Children Series


What is Pediatric Dental Chair?

The pediatric dental chair is designed for pediatric dentistry, which is pediatric dental clinics that need specialized equipment. Using children dental chairs instead of adult dental chairs can make your clinic unique and professional. Kids will love the cute dental surgical chair designed specifically for them, reducing the tension of children and providing a quiet environment during treatment.


The dental treatment chair features our patented retractable backrest design for children ages 3 to 10 years old. With proprietary dimensions designed specifically for children, the children dental chair adjusts up and down for the dentist to get a more favorable view to operate.


We know how important it is to make your smallest patients feel at ease when visiting your dental clinic. Our aim is to provide you with the quality dental equipment to achieve the goal. Keep browsing to check out our pediatric dental equipment.

Why Do You Invest Children Dental Chair?

You may think it is unnecessary to invest in a children dental chair and merely using an ordinary dental chair is enough. However, children dental chair is used for overcoming some difficulties that the dental chair for adults can not do such as patients' anxiety, difficult operation position caused by children, children movement, etc. The pediatric dental chair is a special dental chair for special purposes. There are some extra uses for investing children dental chair.

●Comfortable Design

Take a look at the children dental chair, you may notice that the noticeable difference between children dental chair and ordinary dental chairs is their design. The children dental chair has a relatively smaller dimension and is more colorful. The children dental chair usually has some cartoon pattern which helps create a welcoming and less intimidating environment. Thus, when children come into the clinics, they would not become too much anxious.

●Interactive Features

Children usually are active and can not sit in one position for a long time, so the children dental chair typically has some interactive elements like screens or games to distract and engage young patients during procedures, helping to alleviate anxiety.

●Adjustable Settings

The pediatric dental chair has some adjustable settings to accommodate children of different ages and sizes, ensuring optimal positioning for treatment and comfort.
Positive Association Building

The children dental chair also plays an important role in creating positive associations with dental visits, encouraging regular check-ups, and fostering good oral hygiene habits from a young age.

Children Dental Chair Suppliers - SAFETY

At SAFETY, we redefine excellence in pediatric dental care by pioneering innovative solutions as one of China's foremost suppliers of children dental chairs. Committed to revolutionizing the dental industry, SAFETY integrates cutting-edge technology, meticulous quality control, and a customer-centric approach to deliver unparalleled products and services.

SAFETY has a powerful dental engineering team and independent production line, so you can entrust SAFETY to customize pediatric dental chairs for your clinics and hospitals. Thus, SAFETY is regarded as one of the best children dental chair suppliers in China.