Children Series

M10+ Dental Chair

M10+ Dental Chair has become the trend of children series since the 2013 new design begins with five central themes – safety, design, durability, innovation, and fantasy. It maximizes the first impression on every patient providing customers more business opportunities, and reduce the tension of children providing a quiet environment during treatment.



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Why Choose SAFETY’s Kids Dental Unit?

SAFETY's kids dental unit is the fruit of SAFETY's engineering team, which has various superiorities to help dentists make perfect dental treatments for child patients. Here are some of the superiorities of kids dental units.

●Cartoon Color(three colors optional)

Reduce the tension of children patients.
It is more beneficial to doctors

●Cart with listing

Cartoon color suitable for children three colors available
Independent can be connected to the plug for external equipment and can move freely and flexibly

●Yellowing resistance of plastics

Use high quality yellowing resistant plastic
Plastic materials will not turn yellow over time like other dental chairs.
The white and clean plastic keeps the dental chair brand new. Improve customer satisfaction.

●Gentle light

With 30000Lux max brightness, the light source is soft, which greatly reduces the

irritation to doctor'sand patient's eyes.

●Multilight colors selection

Twocolor modes available, one-click to switch to curing prevention mode.

●Easy to control

Equipped with infrared touchless control, effectively reduces the risk of contamination.

What are the Components of Dental Surgical Unit?

As a professional kids dental unit supplier, SAFETY consider the special needs of the child patients and especially design this latest kids dental unit. This series kids dental unit has a series of specialized components to help dentist make the dental treatment for child patients.

●Cart with listing

New Technology, Control Sensitive, Fit For Different Dentist With Different Height, Supply Electric For lm plant Machine or Other Machine.

●Rotable floor-standing side box

Injection molding, side door adopts easy-to-remove de- sign.60°rotatable, easy to maintain and repair.

●Silicone Pad

Durable non-stick easy clean surface, prevent the shoes of patients from dirtying the leather seat, which is not easy to clean. Prolong the service life of the seat

●Suction Filter

Ensuring the suction pipelines are unobstructed. Easy to remove for cleaning.

●Pipeline layout

With line holder, orderly arrangement of lines, convenient for inspection and maintenance

●Mental Connectors

SAFETY uses all-metal pipeline connectors and pipeline ties to ensure the durability of the pipeline, pre- vent water leakage and air leakage, effectively reduce maintenance costs.

●German corrosion-resistant pipes

The special reinforced pipe has strong corrosion re- sistance and has passed the soaking test of various disinfectants. In contrast, common dental chair pipes are likely to be corroded by disinfectants.

Where to Find a Reliable Kids Dental Unit Supplier?

SAFETY would be the best kids dental unit supplier for your clinics. As a professional kids dental unit supplier, SAFETY specially designs a series of kids dental unit which caters the physical conditions of the children. The kids dental unit offered by SAFETY also provides dentists with the convenience in operation.

Moreover, SAFETY has been dedicated to the dental units for 10 years and has become the industry's innovation standard. Therefore, you can trust SAFETY.