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M2+ Dental Chair has become the top sales of all products since the 2020 pandemic begins with four central themes – disinfection, design, durability, innovation. It maximizes the first impression on every patient providing customers more business opportunities, making M2+ the dental unit everyone deserves to own.



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Innovation for better process

Rotatable side box and removable assistant trays provide maximum legroom for dentists and assistants, and the strong and narrow metal backrest design further ensures good access to the treatment area. We provide different mounted instrument trays ensuring an ergonomic workflow, as only minimum movement are required to the instrument.

Disinfection safe environment

Years of close cooperation with dental universities in the field of microbiology has resulted in certain solutions for cleaning suctions and pipes. Safety dental units apply three in one disinfection system and three level water filter integrated into comprehensive proven solutions to cross infection.

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Design to last

The fast-changing world of dentistry is putting new demands on dental practices, especially in terms of increased efficiency and improved quality operations. The seamless baking paint surface, opaque plastic, soft and flexible leather with FIVE years warranty meet the strictest quality control requirements.

Completely Customize

To meet the demands of dentistry nowadays – the increasing infection control and quality control demands, different users using the same devices, the constantly fierce competition, key first impression to patients – we have numerous customizable solutions that let dentists concentrate on patient treatment while our teams takes care of the rest.

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Fashion practical Design

What we believe guides us to pursue fashion design, full set customization, safety, comfort and practicality. Safety dental units always support a relaxed treatment experience - even through long office visits. The chair design adheres to the shape of the patient's body and provides evenly support, while the waist protection design allows for comfortable positioning of the patient's waist.

Perfect your portfolio

Safety dental unit is guaranteed to have a long lifespan: it is built in such a way that it can be upgraded at any time, adding new functions. This makes it a future -proof investment with abundant configurations available to meet your professional development.

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