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M3 Dental Chair

M3 Dental Chair has become latest dental chair since the 2022 pandemic begins with five central themes – disinfection, design, durability, innovation and customization. 



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Introduction to Green Dental Chair

This green dental chair is the latest product for clinics. There is no doubt that it would enhance the dental experience for both patients and practitioners. With an unwavering focus on hygiene, innovation, and patient comfort, this chair stands as a beacon of excellence in dental care.


This green dental chair has the most advanced features to against aerosol transmission and cross-infection, offering unparalleled protection. Notably, its robust construction ensures durability, bearing an impressive 190kg weight capacity even after 6000 hours of use.


The green dental chair has a eight-bulb shadowless LED lamp, providing soft, soothing light that minimizes patient eye strain. The LED lamp offers customizable light selections and an anti-curing mode with just a click, enhancing your control and patient experience. Plus, the digital display touch screen makes operation intuitive and seamless.


Also, the green dental chair has a thoughtful design. The dental tray is adjustable and incorporates cutting-edge technology for sensitive control, so it is adaptable to different dentist heights.

What are the Components of Green Dental Chair?

Each model of dental chair in SAFET has its unique features and component. This green dental chair also be equipped with excellent components. In this section, the author would list the main components of the green dental chair:

●8 bulbs shadowless LED lamp

soft light:The light source is soft, which greatly reduces the irritation of the patient's eyes.

The led lamp offers multi-light selection:Two-color light source selection, one-click anti-curing mode.

Digital display: Equipped with digital display touch.

screen, more intuitive and convenient.

Easy to control: Infrared induction control system to.

avoid human contact and reduce the risk of germ infection.

●Dentist tray

New Technology, Control Sensitive, Fit For Different Dentist With Differen他dentist with different height.

●Rotatable floor-standing side box

Injection molding, side door adopts easy-to-remove de- sign.60°rotatable, easy to maintain and repair

●Silicone Pad

Durable non-stick easy clean surface, prevent the shoes of patients from dirtying the leather seat, which is not easy to clean. Prolong the service life of the seat

●Suction Filter

Ensuring the suction pipelines are unobstructed. Easy to remove for cleaning.

●Pipeline layout

With line holder, orderly arrangement of lines, convenient for inspection and maintenance

●Mental Connectors

SAFETY uses all-metal pipeline connectors and pipeline ties to ensure the durability of the pipeline, pre- vent water leakage and air leakage, effectively reduce maintenance costs.

●German corrosion-resistant pipes

The special reinforced pipe has strong corrosion re- sistance and has passed the soaking test of various disinfectants. In contrast, common dental chair pipes are likely to be corroded by disinfectants.

What is the Lifespan of A Green Dental Chair?

This green dental chair can work for 10 years. If you give proper maintenance, it may can last longer.