Implant Series

M8+ Dental Chair

M8+ Dental Chair has become latest dental chair since the 2022 pandemic begins with five central themes – disinfection, design, durability, innovation and customization. 



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Why Choose SAFETY’s Implant Operation Chair?

●It can effectively prevent aerosol transmission and cross infection. Not all dental chairs can be disinfected.

●Improve the grade, upgrade the clinic, improve the customer experience and increase the passenger flow.

●Water leakage, aging, after a month of chemical liquid detection German pipeline, three-level water filtration.

●Shaking, shaking, bearing 190kg, after 6000 hours there is still no problem.


What are the Features of Implant Operation Chair?

This series of implant operation chair is the No.1 in sales of dental chairs in middle and high-end clinics in China. In this section, the author would list the main features of the implant operation chair:

Rotable box: No less than 60°rotation; Good looking and Easy to use And Space saving

Italian Waist Support: Provides further comfort to patients.

Made of Microfiber Leather: comfortable and durable. Allow patients to experience the"therapy during sleep" and better protect the patient's waist.

Yellowing resistance of plastics: Use high quality yellowing resistant plastic. Plastic materials will not turn yellow over time like other dental chairs. The white and clean plastic keeps the dental chair brand new. lmprove customer satisfaction.


Product Specification of the Implant Operation Chair

A good implant operation chair usually is equipped with superior quality components. In this section, the author would list the main components of the implant operation chair:

●24 bulbs LED shadowless surgical lamp

The floating optical lens design directly presents the crystal clear artistic beauty.24 high brightness LED lamp beads are arranged in a geometric array, which greatly. It improves the light density and greatly reduces shadows. The dual color temperature lamp beads are arranged in a balanced manner, which increases the consistency of the light color temperature. High-efficiency optical system design and heat dissipation management system effectively reduce the temperature rise of the doctor's head and the temperature of the operating surface.

●Cart with listing

New Technology, Control Sensitive, Fit For Different Dentist With Different Height, Supply Electric For lm plant Machine or Other Machine.

●Silicone Pad

Durable non-stick easy clean surface, prevent the shoes of patients from dirtying the leather seat, which is not easy to clean. Prolong the service life of the seat

●Suction Filter

Ensuring the suction pipelines are unobstructed. Easy to remove for cleaning.

●Pipeline layout

With line holder, orderly arrangement of lines, convenient for inspection and maintenance

●Mental Connectors

SAFETY uses all-metal pipeline connectors and pipeline ties to ensure the durability of the pipeline, pre- vent water leakage and air leakage, effectively reduce maintenance costs.

●German corrosion-resistant pipes

The special reinforced pipe has strong corrosion re- sistance and has passed the soaking test of various disinfectants. In contrast, common dental chair pipes are likely to be corroded by disinfectants.

●Rotatable floor-standing side box

Injection molding, side door adopts easy-to-remove de- sign.60°rotatable, easy to maintain and repair.

What is An Implant Chair?

An implant chair is a specialized chair used in dental offices during the placement of dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically positioned into the jawbone to support replacement teeth or bridges. The implant chair is designed to provide a comfortable and adjustable seating arrangement for both the dentist and the patient during the implant procedure.

These implant chairs typically have various ergonomic features, such as adjustable height, reclining options, and headrests, to ensure optimal positioning for the dental professional to perform the implant surgery with precision. The design of the chair also aims to enhance patient comfort, as dental implant procedures can sometimes take a significant amount of time.

Additionally, the implant chair often comes equipped with armrests, footrests, and other accessories to support the patient and facilitate the work of the dentist. The goal is to create a conducive and efficient environment for the successful placement of dental implants while ensuring the well-being of both the dental practitioner and the patient.