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M9+ Dental Chair

M9+ Dental Chair has become latest dental chair since the 2022 pandemic begins with five central themes – disinfection, design, durability, innovation and customization. 



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What are the Features of Dental Treatment Chair?

Italian Waist Support: Provides further comfort to patients.

Made of Microfiber Leather: comfortable and durable. Allow patients to experience the"therapy during sleep" and better protect the patient's waist.

Yellowing resistance of plastics: Use high quality yellowing resistant plastic. Plastic materials will not turn yellow over time like other dental chairs. The white and clean plastic keeps the dental chair brand new. lmprove customer satisfaction.

Cart with listing: Independent. More free to move. With plug external equipment can be connected.

Where to Find a Dental Chair Supplier in Singapore?

Most people may tend to find the dental chair supplier in local. For en example, the dentists may eager to find a dental chair supplier in Singapore. Although this choice may be convenient and good, it may still neglect the benefits of finding superior dental chair from global supplier. The global supplier can offer the dental chair that combines various advanced components from all over the world. Thus, the dental unit chair from global supplier may widen your eyes with its advanced features and thoughtful design.

SAFETY is a global dental unit chair supplier, providing clients from all over the world with high-quality and advanced dental unit chairs. During the supplying process, SAFETY also keeps learning the latest dental knowledge and researching the development of the dental unit chair.