Dental Treatment Chair: All You Need To Know

Dental Treatment Chair: All You Need To Know

27 Dec, 2022

Today, patients are demanding a better medical experience. With improvements in technology, the comfort and versatility of modern dental chairs have increased dramatically. The dental treatment chair sets a new trend in comfort, not only reducing the stress and fatigue of dental procedures, but also increasing patient satisfaction and well-being.


What Is The Difference Between A Dental Treatment Table And An Electric Dental Chair?

The electric dental chair is one of the important components of a comprehensive dental treatment table. Other components may vary from one dental treatment table to another, but the general trend is the same. The main elements include:


  • * Blower: blowing to dry specific areas of the mouth.
  • * Dental suction unit: aspiration of saliva near the sublingual glands.
  • * Pedal: the dentist can activate the instrument more easily during the operation.
  • * Spittoon: allows the patient to rinse his mouth during and at the end of the procedure.
  • * Hand piece: turbines, contra-angle handpieces, and micromotors for rapid tooth milling, etc.
  • * Dental operation lamp: the dentist can see all sides of the patient's mouth without shadows.
  • * Dental treatment chair: seat height, tilt, and headrest position can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances.

modern dental chair

Modern Dental Chair


Other Factors To Consider About Dental Equipment

Dental chair electrical connections: Dental treatment table components, electric dental chairs, dentist equipment, and other instruments used during treatment may require power.


Air compressor dental unit: The use of dental equipment requires compressed air. In other words, they need to be connected to an air compressor or central compressed air system. For dental equipment, the dentist equipment is most appropriately connected to an air compressor dental unit with a pressure of 4.5 to 5.5 bar.


Ergonomics: This refers to the components of a portable dental unit, such as a dental treatment chair or tool holder. Research has shown that instruments on a tripod above the patient's chest are the best position choice for the dentist, allowing for easy examination of the entire mouth. It should also be noted that the dentist's chair must be lower than the patient's chair - the doctor's spine remains naturally curved, thus preventing prolonged pressure on the discs.

portable dental unit

Portable Dental Unit


Dental chair water supply: The dentist equipment must also be connected to a water supply for flushing, cleaning, and cooling. Therefore, the quality of the water is essential. For example, scale, sand, sludge, rust, or chlorine can cause problems with dental treatment. Moreover, biofilms can form quickly on the inner surfaces of pipes and associated vessels.


Therefore, it is best for the clinic to have a water source that is easily accessible, clean and efficient, and universal. Furthermore, it should be equipped with an easy-to-access valve that can be closed every night. Also, the dental chair water supply can be fitted with a device to limit deposits and reduce limescale.


Final Word

Although the market is flooded with modern dental chairs of various qualities, choosing the most suitable electric dental chair is not an easy task. But when you find a reliable and professional dental chair supply, you will find that everything becomes simple! Please feel free to contact SAFETY Dental for further information!

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