How does a dental chair work

How does a dental chair work

14 Jun, 2022

How does a dental chair work


With the continuous upgrading of science and technology, many products are now the standard of intelligent flower, especially in the medical equipment we often see, the treatment of oral problems need to use a dental chair.No matter be small clinic or big hospital can choose this kind of operation simple effect good dental chair.Today, let's take a look at how does a dental chair work.


The following knowledge points are listed below:



  1. Working principle of dental chair


  1. The main effects of dental chair




The dental chair mainly adjusts the patient's body position in the whole treatment machine.It mainly uses low-voltage 24v power supply, upper and lower motors, keypad, foot-controlled switch and so on are connected with the controller through wires. When the controller is energized, the doctor can control the rise and fall of the chair frame or the tilt of the back of the chair by using the foot-controlled switch or keypad to adjust to the treatment position required by the doctor.


Dental chair is a kind of dental hospital or dental clinic dedicated to a kind of surgery chair, this kind of dental chair can complete the movement such as rise, fall, tilt, bend, very convenient dentist examination and operation.Dental chair is comfortable and does not put pressure on the patient's nape.


Dental chairs are now playing a crucial role in medicine, so let's take a look at how does a dental chair work.


  1. Take SAFETY dental chair a sample


1.Working principle of dental chair


The dental chair control switch starts the motor to operate and drives the transmission mechanism to make the corresponding parts of the dental chair move.According to the treatment needs, the manipulation and control of the switch can press the twist, and the dental chair can complete the movements of ascending, descending, bending, bending, and resetting.In terms of convenience, comfort and safety, the middle and high grade dental chair generally has a variety of personalized operating procedures, which can be used to set different treatment positions (upper and lower jaw teeth and rescue positions) depending on the doctor's personality and habits, and can be stored in a programmed manner.The control part of dental chair has risen from the early mechanical and electric control to the advanced control stage such as air valve control and solenoid valve control.Equipped with anti-slip doctor chair and multi-functional foot control device, doctors can be in the treatment process according to the need to control with the foot, in the case of no need to stop the operation of the equipment to achieve the switch action of water, air gun.The high - grade treatment table is also equipped with a variety of steering cold light lamp, strong bass vacuum negative pressure pump, can make the separation of gas and liquid, suction and noise.


2.  The main effects of dental chair


Dental chair is mainly used for the examination and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases.At present, electric dental chair is mostly used, and its main structure is divided into 8 parts. The whole machine is fixed on the ground by the bottom plate, and the upper part of the bottom plate is connected with the dental chair by the bracket. The movement of the dental chair is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair.According to the treatment needs, the manipulation and control of the switch can press the twist, and the dental chair can complete the movements of ascending, descending, bending, bending, and resetting.


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