How should dental clinics attract customers during the epidemic

How should dental clinics attract customers during the epidemic

05 Aug, 2022


  1. Cross-industry cooperation, mutual benefit

Choose suitable inter-industry cooperation. For example, dental institutions can cooperate with beauty salons to bind and sell basic items. For example, combine teeth cleaning with small and basic skin care items, and make a coupon for sale. The price can be relatively lower, which is a way of attracting potential customers for both parties. SAFETY Medical Equipment Co. Ltd and BYD reached a strategic partnership of national inspection vehicles. In this cooperation, both parties can get the opportunity of brand promotion and achieve a good publicity effect.


  1. Combination of free clinic and ground push

When many dental institutions do offline free clinics, they do not combine marketing and free clinics well, but simply do a simple oral examination, but in fact we can guide customers who come to participate in the examination in a targeted manner to add Whatsapp, and then "label" each person according to the customer's inspection results, such as whether basic treatment or correction, planting is required, whether the desire to visit the doctor is strong, the level of consumption, etc. For a return visit, remember that it must be the next day.


  1. In the Internet age, online promotion is indispensable

In the Internet age, the online platforms have changed the way the public consumes, and the promotion of online activities in dental clinics has become an important way to acquire customers, so Corresponding sales and praise must be guaranteed, and sufficient praise will promote customers' trust and desire to consume.


  1. Public to private, create your own private domain traffic


In the era of the prevalence of self-media, platforms such as Tik Tok, Facebook, Google, Ins, etc., have created a successful doctor IP, which has greatly promoted the influence and dissemination of the institution.


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