How to choice a good dental chair?

How to choice a good dental chair?

27 May, 2022

At present, most of the dental unit on the market will experience the aging and water leakage of dental chair tubings after one years of use, which will increase the cost of tubing replacement and maintenance. Moreover, the maintenance of tubings is a huge amount. The cost of maintenance is even more unwilling to pay for most clinic doctors, and it is impossible to treat customers, which will eventually make a big loses.

This is the dental chair tubinge used by dental chair factories on the market. This happens after being washed and corroded by water. Even after some dental chairs are corroded by disinfectant water, the following situation occurs soon.

Just like the human body, with the increase of age, the functions of the body are slowly losing vitality, gradually becoming old and sickly, and getting sick at every turn. Followed by the cost of medicines and maintenance treatments for the treatment of body diseases, if the dental chair pipeline is aging and blocked, there will be water leakage and unsmooth circulation, which will also shorten the service life of the dental chair. And increase the maintenance cost, and once the equipment fails in the process of treating the customer, it will bring unnecessary influence and trouble to the customer. Obviously, choosing a good quality dental chair is very important.

So, what kind of dental chair pipe should be chosen so that it will not be so easy to age and leak?

The answer is to choose a dental chair from SAFETY Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

In order to solve this pain point, the technical team of SAFETY Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has tested and selected a variety of tubing brands. In the end, we chose the German brand tubing. Although it is more expensive, in order to solve the pain points of doctors and reduce the cost of doctors For the after-sales worries, we still choose the German tubing. Each batch of tubings has been tested for more than 50 kinds of corrosive chemical liquids. In such a harsh environment, if there is still no problem under immersion within a month, it will pass our quality inspection.

The tubing we have selected is a corrosion-resistant, water-tight and non-aging pipe backed by a five-year warranty. Long service life and low maintenance costs are the characteristics of SAFETY dental chairs. Even if it is used for more than one or two years, the dental chair pipeline is in a healthy state, which is in sharp contrast with other dental chair equipment on the market.

Therefore, choosing SAFETY's dental chair will give you a safe and worry-free choice.

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