Sincerely Welcome to IDS 2023: Meet SAFETY in Cologne!

Sincerely Welcome to IDS 2023: Meet SAFETY in Cologne!

11 Jan, 2023

International Dental Show (IDS) is the world's largest and most influential professional dental exhibition. IDS reflects the latest trends in the dental market worldwide. At the same time, you can also find first-class dental products for the global dental trade market here.


SAFETY will attend IDS 2023 from March 14 to 18, 2023, at the Koelnmesse (Booth number: 10.1B070) - Messe platz1, 50679 Cologne, Germany.


Come and create wonderful memories with SAFETY!



The 40th International Dental Show (IDS) 2023 Is A Must-see!


The IDS is a biennial trade show and the premier event for the international dental industry. IDS 2023 covers a broad portfolio of areas, including dentistry, dental technology, infection protection, maintenance, customer service and communication, and much more.


You can find forward-thinking innovations, countless new products, exciting live demonstrations, and practical hands-on demonstrations that show the most important concepts and technologies for today's and tomorrow's practices and laboratories. The International Dental Show is well worth a visit for dental practices, dental laboratories, dentists, dental surgeons, dental R&D departments, apprentice students, and the wider dental community.

Booth Diagram

Booth Diagram


Unparalleled Leading Global Trade Fair

Thanks to the comprehensive and extensive range of innovations, IDS impressively underlines its importance as a forward-looking trendsetter in the dental industry.


Extensive Product Section

IDS brings together all relevant target groups of the global dental industry - you won't find such breadth and depth of dental products and services at any other trade fair in the world.


Valuable Connections

IDS offers a variety of encounter opportunities and valuable industry connections that facilitate participants from around the world to establish new businesses or strengthen existing partnerships.


Recognized As An Important Market For The Dental Community

As the best platform for presenting dental products and innovative technologies, IDS offers all interested parties the optimal prerequisites for achieving their professional and business goals.



Our Newly Launched M8+ Is Waiting For You!


modern dental unit chair

M8+ dental unit chair


Standard configuration




Pulse disinfection

Synchronous display of disinfection status

Handpiece tube, syringe tube, scaler tube, suction tube



patient chair

Microfiber leather

Buffer system

IDM injection double armrest

Lumbar cushion



treatment box

Floor-to-ceiling side box (rotatable)

Stability factor

Water bottle shortage alarm system

Water temperature Visible, water temperature adjustable







   control system

Sliding rail type speed adjustable foot pedal

Tempered glass panels, Dual master control system

One-press water source switching

Liquid crystal display

Error code display

Digital display (includes dynamic instrument display)

Voice broadcast system

First Aid button, Nine Memory button, Rinse button Reset

Handpiece water heating system

Multiple-functional foot pedal


instrument tray


assistant tray

Dual master control system

Three-joint assistant tray

Easy to remove spittoon, can be sterilized at high

Compatible with dual suction system


oral lamp

LED induction

8 bulbs led dental lamp

Three-color light source, one-key anti-curing

dentist chair

Dentist stool (leather for 5-year warranty)


other parts

One-press water and electricity switch

External or built-in

Three-level filtration system



5-year warranty for leather surface and tubing

2-year warranty on the whole machine

10-years self-life



other configuration



Intelligent Control: Automatically Mode


The M8+ features intelligent control - after 15 minutes of inactivity, the system enters standby mode, and the water switch is automatically cut off. Touching any function button can restore the water switch. This can extend the life of the dental unit chair and provide hassle-free operations for dentists and nurses.


instrument tray

instrument tray


Apply the tempered glass panel with strong resistance to chemical stains and corrosion, adapting to the requirements of infection control.


  • * One press to the first aid position
  • * One press to the spit position
  • * One press to reset
  • * One press smart water source switch


  • * Colorful LCD display
  • * Error code display
  • * Dynamic instrument working status display
  • * Running Program status display


  • * Nine positions memory
  • * Preset cleaning position
  • * 13 memoried positions in total



Intelligent Pulse Disinfection

The automatic one-button disinfection program disinfects the mouthwash tube, water tube, assistant 3-way syringe tube, doctor table 3-way syringe tube, dental scaler tube, handpiece tube, and electric motor tube. Disinfection is complete when you hear the voice prompt "Disinfection complete".

disinfection rack & spittoon

disinfection rack & spittoon


Removable spittoon: rotatable and easy to clean.
Built-in: Built-in large-capacity water bottle (2X3L) to meet disinfection needs.
Full display: The disinfection system features voice prompts and automatic recording of disinfection time.


Smooth And Precise Operation


Ergonomically Designed Dental Chair


Italian Waist Support: The dental chair is made of microfiber leather, comfortable and durable, allowing patients to experience "therapy during sleep" and better protect the patient's waist.

Upgrade armrest: IMD injection-molded double armrest design can be rotated up and down to facilitate the patient's getting in and out of the chair. Comfortable grip and effective relief of patient pressure.


dental chair

dental chair



Comfortable Dentist Stool


Italian patented dental stool is ergonomic and suitable for doctors of different heights. With silent wheels, large lifting stroke, seat height, and backrest angle are adjustable. 

* Seat lift range: 450mm-610mm, backrest adjustment angle: >15°

cast aluminum chair legs with silent wheels



Efficient Oral Operation


T800 LED: 8 Bulbs Shadowless LED Lamp

8 Bulbs Shadowless LED Lamp

Digital display: Equipped with a digital display that is intuitive and convenient.

Multi-light source selection: Three-color light source selection with one key anti-curing mode.

Easy to control: Precise light intensity control can simulate the human breathing rate and flash the aperture.

Soft light source: The unique non-direct light design provides soft light, greatly reducing the eye irritation of patients.



Intelligent Foot Pedal


Intelligent Foot Pedal


The foot control switch adopts the design of human body engineering, incorporating the interlocking system, chair backrest lift and tilt, water rinse switch, spittoon water switch, the switch for the LED operation light, and the reset program, as well as to realize the function of high-speed handpiece dry and wet conversion and blow crumb air. (Bluetooth wireless foot pedal is optional)


Metal Backrest

Easy to install and disassemble, more practical, more concise, and more secure.



Split floor design, and independent floor support, effectively reduce the shaking of the dental chair.


One-bey Positioning Headrest

The folding headrest is 360-degree adjustable with a retractable range of 0-120mm, allowing the doctors to adjust the position according to different patients' conditions.


Handpiece Water Heating

The independent heater controls the output water temperature, and the microcomputer system controls the switch close to the body water temperature for more comfortable treatment.


Three-joint Assistant Tray

Three-joint joint arm with flexible rotation, larger position for four-hand operating area. Five instrument hangers (which can be rotated 90°) in the assistant tray, adaptable to the dual suction system, reserving built-in light curing machine hangers and endoscope handle hangers.



Final Word

SAFETY is an innovative high-tech dental company in China that has been redefining the industry standard dental unit chair. We look forward to seeing you in Cologne from March 14 to 18! Welcome to become our partner and discuss more possibilities for your dental project! For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at!

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