Neglected dental chair waterway pollution

Neglected dental chair waterway pollution

11 Jun, 2022
  1. One of the main "culprits" of cross infection in oral treatment

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, hospital infection control has received more and more attention from the society. In the process of oral diagnosis and treatment, visible infection control for oral reusable medical devices, diagnosis and treatment environment, dental chair surface, etc. has become routine. But there is also an invisible infection factor - waterway pollution of oral comprehensive treatment table, which is easily overlooked by managers and medical staff. It is like an invisible "sewage channel" and has become one of the main "culprits" of cross-infection in oral treatment.


  1. What is the waterway pollution of dental chair?

According to an authoritative person in the stomatological hospital, the dental chair waterway refers to a system composed of water inlet pipes, drainage pipes, and independent water storage tanks for dental chair water. The water route of the dental chair consists of narrow and slender pipes, which are difficult to clean and disinfect, and are easily contaminated by bacteria, forming biofilms and continuously accumulating. "To put it figuratively, just like the water in the cup is not removed for a long time, a slippery film will be formed on the inner wall of the cup, which is the formation of biofilm."

Some researchers sampled the water samples of the dental handpieces and scalers in the stomatology department of 60 tertiary general hospitals in a city to analyze the microbial contamination. Results The qualified rates of the dental handpiece and the water outlet of the scaler were only 15.00% and 17.80%, and the maximum total number of bacterial colonies in the water samples could reach 1.6×105 cfu/ml, while the total bacterial count in the Domestic Drinking Water Hygiene Standard was less than or equal to 100 cfu. /ml, the maximum value exceeds the standard by 1000 times.


  1. SAFETY whole process disinfection dental chair M2

Faced with such a situation, SAFETY has specially researched the disinfection dental chair M2+ which is fully disinfected. Water disinfection, oral disinfection and air disinfection can be carried out for the whole process of disinfection.

As shown in the picture, SAFETY's M2+ dental chair is designed with two 3L large-capacity water storage bottles. The doctor can freely switch the water in the storage bottle and the central water. In addition, SAFETY has developed a special hypochlorous acid disinfection water. Dilute disinfected water and purified water at a ratio of 1:4. The diluted water can quickly sterilize, inhibit biofilm, and at the same time meet the water quality requirements, and the entrance has no sense. These two 3L large water storage bottles are not designed in the side box like other dental chairs, but beside the side box, which is more convenient for doctors to replace and operate the water storage bottle. Secondly, considering the convenience of replacement, we set a knob-type cover, and the doctor can directly unscrew the cover to store water in the water bottle when changing water. In this way, in addition to water disinfection, during the treatment process, the hypochlorous acid of the water storage bottle will reach the patient's mouth at the same time, which can effectively reduce the spread of aerosols.

There are many other product designs that include these functions, and these "careful machines" are designed to give people a safe and comfortable impression, so that doctors can use them comfortably and patients can use them with peace of mind. To ensure the quality of medical care and patient safety.


SAFETY, give you a safe clinic.


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