personalized dental chair

personalized dental chair

17 May, 2022

Dental chairs are dental equipment used for oral surgery and oral disease examination and treatment. It's mostly electric. It is mainly composed of dental chair, instrument table, console, dental handpiece hanger, dental chair lamp, spittoon, etc. It is a medical device integrating gas, water and electricity. With the changes and development of modern medical needs, people pay more attention to the safety and simplicity of the design and use of medical devices. In the process of designing dental chairs, designers should dare to try and make more breakthroughs and innovations to make the products safe and reliable, novel and beautiful, simple and comfortable to operate, and easy to maintain.


We SAFETY produces and sells dental chairs in accordance with these standards, and fully considers the thinking and behavior habits of the user group from the perspective of users. The overall design conforms to ergonomics, pays attention to detail design, and adopts a series of humanized designs to make the product stable, safe and reliable, intuitive and simple to operate, comfortable to use and easy to maintain. Mainly in the following aspects:

1. The dental chair is designed with many personalized operating procedures; different positions can be set according to the doctor's personal habits.

2. The design of the control switch conforms to the doctor's usage habits, helping the doctor to work accurately and quickly.

3. The dental chair is equipped with dental LED chair light, blue cold light; there is no shadow when illuminated.

4. The rotatable handpiece hanger is convenient for doctors to operate freely at work.

5. The box is detachable, which is convenient for the maintenance of the host.

6. The 90-degree rotatable ceramic spittoon is safe, hygienic and comfortable to use.


In the process of designing the dental chair, the designer considers the user's usage needs, aesthetic needs and emotional needs from the user's point of view. The dental chair is innovatively designed from the aspects of appearance, color, material, structure, technology, etc., through the humanized and emotional design, the dental chair is given a friendly image in appearance, the operation is more simple and convenient, and it provides users with unique and comfortable experience.If you looking for more technical information of dental unit,please email me


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