Several Tips for Buying Dental Unit Chair

Several Tips for Buying Dental Unit Chair

11 Nov, 2022

Dental chairs are common in our lives, but they are different from ordinary chairs because they are multi-functional, convenient, and comfortable. This article will introduce something you need to know about the comprehensive dental unit chair that many people may not notice.


Dental Unit Chair Upholstery



How to choose the upholstery for the dental unit chair? The upholstery must be a time-tested fabric that combines design and performance with excellent resistance ability to stain, abrasion, flame, and mildew. High-quality modern dental chair unit upholstery should have the following characteristics:


  • * Soft, smooth, and luxurious.
  • * Incredibly durable & low maintenance
  • * Naturally stain resistant and stays in top condition.
  • * Technically enhanced bonding, seam, and tear strength.
  • * Stays cool touch even in the summer and offers warmth in the winter.


China Dental Unit

China Dental Unit from SAFETY Dental



The right upholstery color brings a beautiful, elegant, professional look, adding a unique feel to your practice. However, choosing the fabric color of your dental chairs can be difficult, whether you are starting to renovate your clinic or are ready to replace your old dental chairs. The reason is that many factors exist to influence which upholstery is the most appropriate.


However, upholstery in dark colors is the perfect choice that you can never go wrong with. The gray premium dental unit chair is the ideal color for most people. The first impression of your clinic from patients is important to maintaining your business - gray delivers a sense of seriousness, making it look professional and hygienic.


A serious-looking dental practice makes your patients feel like they are being treated by experienced desists. And reflects the care and diligence of your dentist at the same time. In addition to providing a professional look, the gray dental unit chair is easy to incorporate into any interior design. Of course, you can also pick and replace accent colors of the modern dental chair to suit your tastes.

Dental Chair Supply

Dental Chair Supply 


Safe & Healthful

The improved dental delivery unit for sale is easier to use but certainly more difficult to design than before. Focusing on hygiene and environmental protection is very important for both dentists and patients.


According to epidemiological data, there is a serious problem of cross-infection in dental practice. The rate of hepatitis B infection among dentists is three to six times higher than that of the general population, and the HBV-positive rate among dentists is 25.8%.


Therefore, preventing cross-contamination of dental equipment is an important consideration in the design of the mobile dental unit for sale. And this is what most dental unit chair manufacturers have now taken into account in their designs, and better improved the modern dental chair.



These are some of the issues that may be overlooked when selecting the dental chair unit. In addition, there are certainly other aspects that need to be considered. If you need more professional advice, please feel free to contact SAFETY Dental! We are a professional dental unit chair supplier in China, offering the high-end China dental unit and more modern dental chairs at an affordable dental unit chair price. Please feel free to contact us for more details!

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