The color of the dental chair may affect the second visit of the patients

The color of the dental chair may affect the second visit of the patients

17 Aug, 2022

Color as an external stimulus, can affect the spirit and mood of the person, it is mainly through the person's vision to produce the result of different feelings, give a person with some kind of spiritual effect. Feel happy or melancholy on the spirit, having close relation with the visual sense of colour. Can say, the color that makes a person uncomfortable is same as noise, make a person agitated. And the coordinated color is a kind of beautiful enjoyment of dental chair occupying middle position in the dental room, its color also affects the patient's experience to some extent.

  1. Pink】Pink is the best interpretation of tenderness, but also can reduce the secretion of adrenal hormones, so that the mood tends to be stable, let angry people quickly calm down. Therefore, pink children's dentist can bring soft and warm feeling to young children patients.

  1. [Orange] Usually, people think orange is a symbol of power and happiness. It has the energy of red and the joy of yellow. Orange gives a gorgeous and comfortable impression and makes people feel joy and happiness.

  1. BlueBlue, green and turquoise are Cold colours. Blue can settle the mood, give a person with quiet, cool, comfortable feeling, make people open-minded. Sky blue can be used as decoration for hospitals and sanitary equipment.

  1. [Green] Green gives people infinite sense of security, giving people a sense of stability, tranquility and gentleness. It is a calm and comfortable color that calms nerves, reduces intraocular pressure, relieves eye fatigue, and improves muscle mobility

  1. YellowBecause yellow is very bright, it can give people a happy feeling, just like sunflower always facing the bright and dazzling sun, yellow itself can also make people optimistic, leaving happy memories

  1. Some dental chair colors can look upscale because they convey little emotion. By lowering the saturation of the color, you are actually reducing and reducing the effect of the color on the patient's mood, so it will look slightly more upscale.

In the first visit, medical technology, visit environment, service specifications, fee level and other factors determine the first impression of patients, forming the Anchoring effect in their mind. As the basic platform for patients to receive treatment, the color of dental chair undoubtedly directly affects the psychology of patients to some extent.

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