The Peak Season of Orthodontic Profits for Dentists and Hospitals

The Peak Season of Orthodontic Profits for Dentists and Hospitals

19 Jul, 2022

With the development of the economy, more and more people are focused on oral health, especially teenagers who love beauty and parents who pay attention to their children's oral health, especially during long vacations. Why do experts say that the holiday is the peak season for doctors to perform orthodontic operations? Let me show you!


1. There is a lot of work to be done, from the decision of treatment to the fitting of aligners, which may require several trips to and from the hospital. For example, during the "school season", students will be worried about delaying their homework by asking for leave and missing classes. So they will more accept treatment on holiday.


2. After wearing different types of orthodontic appliances, some students are ashamed to see classmates in the early stage of orthodontic treatment, etc. Psychological performance, it is easier to have time to solve these problems by resting at home during the summer vacation.


3. Many patients are still not used to the appliance after wearing the appliance for the first time, so the brackets often fall off, and the frequency of follow-up visits will be higher. In order to have more time to adapt, they generally choose to have orthodontics during the summer vacation.


4. During summer vacation, there is plenty of time to straighten teeth. There are so many benefits, so the summer vacation is the "golden season" for students to straighten their teeth, and it is also the peak season for dentists to make profits!


Our SAFETY dental chairs have specially designed different styles of orthodontic dental chairs for patients of different ages.


1. Children's style


Our children's styles are designed with marine animal factors, as well as more dreamy blue, yellow, and pink colors, which will be more attractive to children so that they can relax during the whole treatment. 


Second, our children's dental chair cushion is 120cm long, which is suitable for children of different heights. Taking into account the rapid development of children now, our children's dental chair cushions are designed to be longer than those of other manufacturers, which can meet the treatment of children of different heights. 


Third, we also have an iPad stand. During the process, the doctor can play videos that the patient likes to distract the patient and make the patient less nervous.


children dental chair

SAFETY children dental chair


2. Adult style


Taking into account the frequent orthodontic surgery, we specially invited Italian designers to design a lumbar support cushion for our new dental chair. So patients will not feel pain in the lower back during a long-term treatment process, which is difficult to adhere to. 


In addition, a patient's comfortable treatment will not only increase the patient's desire to visit a doctor but also make the dentist more efficient and worry-free during the entire treatment process.


dental unit chair

dental unit chair for adult


Good timing and good equipment will make you do more with less! So, in such a good time, the doctor should have a good dental unit.

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