Troubleshooting of weak suction function of dental chair

Troubleshooting of weak suction function of dental chair

29 Jul, 2022

Dental chair is a common equipment in dental clinic. Frequent use and late maintenance of dental chair are not timely and careful, which will improve the probability of equipment failure.

The vast majority of dental chairs on the market use weak suction, is the need for tap water through weak suction generator, so as to produce suction.

If there is no fault in the elimination circuit of the dental comprehensive treatment chair, there is any abnormality in the use of weak suction

1.Check the pressure of the dental chair (about 0.6mpa), tap water (about 0.3mpa),

2.Check whether the holder valve testing gas switch small square body, holder ears in the middle of the hanging bar groove, follow bad press with finger is heard with the exhaust does not rebound if certain exhaust noise, shows up from sidebox output tracheal no gas or body type nozzle clogging and so on, first check the sidebox output trachea check the holder.


3、Check whether the air filter is blocked


4.Check whether the weak suction valve is blocked and clean the weak suction valve

5.Check whether the three-level water filter needs cleaning and whether the South Korea imported filter needs to be replaced

6.If there is no problem with the above parts, then it is necessary to find the weak suction pipe connecting the general integrated valve in the chassis and pull out the transparent pipe above.

(1) There is gas in the pipeline, unscrew the screws above the valve body and clean the inner cavity

(2) There is no gas in the pipeline, and the middle part of the pipeline is wound to cause blockage, which is solved by dredging the pipeline.




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