Why does my dental chair turn yellow?

Why does my dental chair turn yellow?

30 May, 2022

A clean and sharp treatment room can not only make dentists feel better, but can also attract more patients.

What makes your clinic room feel clean and tidy? One of the most important factors is you have a white and fashionable dental chair. Pure white color always represent clean.

But to maintain the dental chair white for a long time is not easy. Usually dental chairs working life is between 3~10 years. During its service life, it will face the sunshine (if your treatment room is with large windows), with endure the chemical detergent for daily cleaning, and could even be exposed under the UV disinfection lamp if your treatment room installed one. All these factors can turn your dental chair yellow, especially for the plastic parts. And because the exterior metal parts and the plastic parts have different yellowing speed, a part-in-white and part-in-yellow dental chair will make you and your patients feel awkward.

A UV Yellowing Test to Normal Plastic Parts


How to prevent this situation? Some dental chair manufacturers will do it backward. They cant stop the dental chairs turn yellow, so they produce the dental chairs in beige/yellow color. But this is against the clean and sharp feeling. Making a treatment room feels old and even unclean in the very beginning.

A yellowed dental chair


A dental chair which is produced to be in beige/yellow color


Our SAFETY dental chairs solution is, to add the oxidation-resistance and yellowing-resistance ingredients into the plastic raw materials, and use injection molding to produce the plastic parts. The plastic parts of the dental chairs are not only strong in structure and accurate in shape, but also greatly reduce the aging speed of the plastic. And the stain resistance to chemicals are also enhanced. And this is the confidence why SAFETY dental chair can be made in pure white color.

A SAFETY dental chair which has been used 7 years (since 2015).


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