Why should we change to a more modern dental chair?

Why should we change to a more modern dental chair?

30 Aug, 2022

To properly develop the work in a dental clinic, it is essential that the equipment meets a series of requirements and meets the needs of the dentist. On the one hand, its appearance must convey an adequate and professional image, but, in addition, it is necessary to take care of the well-being and comfort of patients and of the professional team that works in the office for hours. And one of the most important elements of the equipment is to have a modern dental chair. Dental chairs in dentistry are part of the basic furniture in a clinic and must be renewed every so often, as they can become outdated and unsafe (because of ergonomic reasons). We present a list of reasons why renovation and having a modern dental chair that offers more comfort to both the dentist and patients is necessary.

  1. Renewal of the corporate image

It is evident that, every so often, changing part of the furniture helps to make a good impression on patients. If a person arrives at the clinic and notes that the chair is outdated, his or her opinion will generally be negative.


Over the years, the designs and the image of the dental chairs are changing. Among the most common signs of wear we find that, with the passage of time and the use of disinfectant products, the materials of the old dental clinic chairs can change color if they are made of plastic. If they are aluminium it will not happen. And fractures may appear in the upholstery, so the deterioration is more than noticeable, hence the importance of having a modern dental chair.


  1. Create an investment and amortization plan

The need to update a clinic is appreciated, for example, when the technician goes to make frequent renovations.


Sometimes all the plastic elements of the dental chairs, such as the hoses, the internal and external suction system or the drains, degrade and dry out, which can lead to losses and leaks. In this sense, it is estimated that plastics have a lifespan of 10 years. A modern dental chair has new treatments and materials that extend that useful life.


At this point, dental management is essential. Most dental clinics, due to fiscal issues, invest at the end of the year in renewing their equipment. It is important that part of the billing of the query is used to purchase material, so another fundamental reason to switch to a modern dental chair could be to invest and amortize the profits received during the year.


The quality of ergonomics

This is the most important sign when it comes to getting a modern dental chair. Each year, the materials must be tested and the advice and updates offered by professionals in the sector must be listened to.


The patient needs attention and that the environment does not cause discomfort. Many clinics already have sedation techniques and systems, but if we have a modern and comfortable dental chair it also helps to combat odontophobia, that is, the fear and anxiety that some people feel when going to the dentist. As we noted earlier, comfort is a key factor. Each patient sits in the dental chair an average of thirty minutes and, if it is long treatments, it could be up to two hours. In the case of dentists, they spend eight hours every day in the chair, so their body could also suffer and they would have to resort to services of physiotherapy professionals, which is also an expense.



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