Why your dental chairs leak in one-year

Why your dental chairs leak in one-year

12 May, 2022

Why your dental chairs leak in one-year


Most dental chairs on the market have the problem of water and air leakage. In many dental hospitals/dental clinics, their newly purchased dental chairs have begun to leak in one-year, and some even in a few month.There are mainly the following manifestations:

a)The button of three-way syringe leaks water or the button rebounds slowly, and the nozzle is dripping.

b)The water control valve core is stuck, causing the handpiece joint to leak water frequently.

c) The solenoid valve core is stuck by impurities, causing the mouthwash and spittoon nozzle to leak.

d) The water control valve core is stuck, causing the water to shut off after a delay when the handpiece stops.


But why does this happen to dental chairs? The reason is the general dental chair has only one filter system, which can only filter out some coarse impurities, while some tiny particles are not filtered out and they flow into the pipeline of the dental chair. Another reason is that tiny particles or scale clogging the water valve body of the dental chair. There are a large amount of scale is produced on the tubing wall for the tubing of the dental chair are soaked by water for a long time.                      

 Many hospitals have hired professional dental equipment engineers to solve these problems, but they have not solved this problem very well.


     Figure 1. The Filtration of General Dental Chair      

In order to solve this pain point of the hospital, the technical team of SAFETY Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a three-stage water filtration system. What is the three-stage water filtration system?


The first-stage filtration: ordinary filtration system (included with general dental chairs). Its main function is to filter out some larger particles, such as sand, small stones, etc. Second-stage filtration: The filter imported from South Korea mainly filters out particles greater than or equal to 40 microns (generally less than 40 microns, which has little impact on the dental chair). Third-stage filtration: Because each dental chair has a hot water cup heating function, scale will form in the heating cup after a long time. The third-stage filter can filter out the newly produced scale, so as to better protect the valve body.


Figure 2. Three Stage Filtration of SAFETY


After the three-stage filtration system is installed on the dental chair, it can effectively prevent the damage of the tiny particles and scale in the white water to the valve body, so that the use of the dental chair is more stable and the shelf life is longer.


        Now the three-stage water filtration system is the standard configuration of SAFETY dental chair, which is installed in every dental chair of SAFETY.If you looking for more technical information of dental unit,please email me

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