Take you into the development history of dental chairs

Take you into the development history of dental chairs

19 May, 2022

Take you into the development history of dental chairs

From the bow-type dental drill used in the 17th century to the clockwork "Senmai" dental drill in the 18th century, and the advent of the pedal-type dental drill in the mid-19th century, the development of dental chairs has experienced a history of more than 300 years.

In the early days, there was no dedicated dental chair. Instead, use an ordinary seat, or use it as a dental chair after a slight modification of the ordinary seat. A slightly modified dental chair appeared in 1790 with a fixed headrest and right armrest. In 1875, the hand-crank dental chair appeared, which can adjust the patient's position. At the beginning of the 20th century, the oil pump dental chair appeared, which quickly became popular and continues to this day.

Dental chair products have also developed from the initial functional type to aesthetics and humanization. A large number of injection molding, die-casting mold investment, the use of high-grade imported leather fabrics, artificial leather, the application of digital technology, these have improved the grade of the product. Products with new functions, new materials and new shapes are continuously launched, and the representative products include implant-type dental chairs, children-type dental chairs, etc.

We,SAFETY Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been 12 years since establishment in 2010, and our development has gradually matured. Now, we have become the top three dental chair factories in China.

In 2010, our first generation dental chair, the mermaid dental chair, was successfully developed and won the highest design award in China, the China Red Star Award! The appearance design of the mermaid dental chair is novel and unique, which enriches the color of dental chairs across the country and enhances the internal image of the dental chair industry.

In 2013, we made up our minds to enter the "segmented market". So we organized a team to transform and upgrade our newly developed mermaid dental chair into a new generation of children's dental chair that can both attract children and meet clinical use. Since then, the SAFETY brand has become an instant hit.

In 2015, we developed dental implant chair, microscope dental chair and dental chair with distance teaching function. It has also opened up three new types of dental chair segments, and has become a mid-to-high-end brand of domestic dental chairs.

In 2020, In the context of the raging epidemic and people's panic,SAFETY introduced Italian technology and successfully launched a full-course disinfection dental chair, which greatly reduced the risk of infection for doctors and patients during the treatment process, and relieved the medical staff. The sense of control work, the SAFETY brand is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In 2022, in response to the national call and new regulations on sensory control, our company's research team has developed a one-button intelligent disinfection dental chair M8+, which greatly meets the requirements of the country and hospital clinics.



To make the best dental chair last for ten years is our mission. We have been developing towards being ahead of the dental market!If you looking for more technical information of dental unit,please email me


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