What we should pay attention to and what problems will be encountered when you are decorating dental chair in the dental clinic

What we should pay attention to and what problems will be encountered when you are decorating dental chair in the dental clinic

05 Jun, 2022

The consultation room is the core area of the dental clinic, and the rationality of the design of the dental clinic directly affects the doctor's consultation environment and the patient's consultation experience. Once the decoration of the clinic is completed, even if there are unreasonable problems in terms of use and design, it is difficult to overturn and modify it. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive consideration in the initial stage of the design of the clinic. Today, I will share my experience with you on the three major elements of clinic design, so that you can avoid touching the minefield of clinic design


The first is the location division of the clinic area

What determines the location design of the consulting room area? In other words, why should a clinic area have such a functional division? Remember, it must not be based on the preferences and mood of the clinic manager. The location of the clinic must be determined according to the patient's medical process!

There are three types of location division of the consulting room area: scattered, centralized and open.

  1. Scattered

This type is generally used less, and the advantage is that it has high privacy, which protects the privacy of patients well, and each clinic can be individually designed. However, such a design layout is inconvenient for management, the division of medical areas and non-medical areas is unclear, and the positive and negative pressure piping is complicated.

  1. Concentrated

This type of use is the most common. In this layout, the medical area and the non-medical area are clearly divided, which is easy to manage, and the pipeline laying is relatively simple and convenient. The only downside is the average privacy.

  1. Open

This method is rarely used in clinic design, because it is extremely poor in terms of patient privacy and patient experience, and the advantage is only that the space utilization rate is extremely high.

The second is the placement of furniture and equipment in the clinic

The work needs and habits of doctors and nurses determine the placement of furniture and equipment in the clinic. The most basic items in the clinic, except the sideboard and dental chair. Under the premise that the space of the consultation room allows, the L-shaped sideboard is undoubtedly the most convenient for four-handed operation. As shown below:

In the case of insufficient space, only one side cabinet can be placed. But the sideboard is on the doctor's side? Or on the nurse's side? Personal opinions are better placed on the nurse's side, because the probability of nurses using the sideboard is much greater than that of doctors. As shown below:

If the space in the dental clinic is extremely limited and the room width is really insufficient, the side cabinet can only be placed on the head side. As shown below:

It is worth noting that when placing, pay attention to the distance between the dental sideboard and the dental chair. It is not that the bigger the space, the better. It is recommended that the medical staff turn around and reach out to the things on the sideboard, and do not let the sideboard become a decoration. .  

Regarding the placement principles of dental chair equipment, the first is that the patient enters the consultation room, and the distance to sit on the dental chair is the shortest. As shown below:


Finally, indoor pipeline positioning, strong and weak current design

What is the primary consideration when doing indoor pipeline positioning and strong and weak current design in the clinic? Equipment installation and maintenance and possible factors for future upgrades and development!

SAFETY Medical Equipment Co, Ltd is a professional dental chairs factory. The installation of SAFETY dental chair requires pre-laid pipelines in the clinic, including upper and lower water, negative pressure, air supply, strong and weak electricity, etc. The exposed area of these lines in the clinic is often referred to as the floor box area.

Before the dental chair is installed, the location of the floor box must be communicated with the equipment supplier in the early stage, because different dental chair brands, and even different models of the same brand, the location and requirements of the floor box will be different. As shown below:


It is suggested that a 16-amp socket (air-conditioner socket) must be reserved in the clinic of the comprehensive dental treatment machine, in case the clinic is upgraded to introduce high-power chairside machines (such as lasers and other equipment).

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