You guard the innocent world of children, SAFETY guards your ideal life

You guard the innocent world of children, SAFETY guards your ideal life

01 Jun, 2022

Its coming to Children's Day! This day will be full of children's laughter and joy, but the origin of Children's Day is so serious and heart-wrenching. The establishment of International Children's Day on June 1 is related to a massacre that occurred during World War II, the Lidice massacre. On June 10, 1942, the fascists who represented the rule of power, violence and terror shot and killed more than 140 male citizens over the age of 16 and all infants in the Czech village of Lidice, and sent all the women and more than 90 children to concentration camps. Houses and buildings in the village were also burned to the ground in this massacre.

Figure-1. The Childrens healing Smile

After World War II, the economy was depressed all over the world, thousands of workers were unemployed and lived a life of starvation and cold. The situation of children was even worse. Most of them died of infectious diseases in batches. Those with no physical problems were forced to work as child laborers and abused, and the lives and lives of the children were not guaranteed. To mourn the Lidice massacre and all the children who died in wars around the world, oppose the killing and poisoning of children and protect children's rights. In November 1949, the International Federation of Democratic Women held a council meeting in Moscow, and representatives of various countries angrily exposed the crimes of killing and poisoning children in various countries. In order to protect the rights to survival, health care and education of children all over the world, to improve children's lives; the meeting decided to make June 1st every year as International Children's Day. As the flower of the motherland and the hope of the nation, it has always been the common goal of all adults to let children grow up healthily and happily.Not only the Children's Day has its origin, but the children's dental chair we got from SAFETY has also developed continuously over time.

Since its establishment in 2010, SAFETY has been successfully developed from the design of the first generation of dental chairs, the mermaid dental chair! And in one fell swoop won China's highest design award "China Red Star Award". Inspired by customers, SAFETY designed and developed the first children's dental chair based on the first generation of mermaid dental chair in 2013.



Figure-2. SAFETY Children Series

The children's dental chair designed and developed by SAFETY is considering every customer, bringing convenience to dentists and patients, and making good delivery is our constant effort. SAFETY's dental chair is full of innocence elements, children will like this dental chair very much, it can bring happiness to children. The dental chair can be equipped with an tablet. During the treatment, the clips that children like to watch are played to attract the children's attention, and the operation of the doctor will be more convenient. This is a multifunctional dental chair, it has a long seat cushion, suitable for children of different heights, even adults can use it. In addition, its design is not a single animal, because the huge animal shape has a lot of hidden gaps, which makes cleaning difficult. Similarly, the huge body takes up too much space, which will limit the cooperation of doctors and nurses in treatment, and the operation time will be greatly increased.

The original intention of the design of SAFERTTY children's dental chair is to develop a suitable for children of different heights and ages, and to care for the healthy growth of children. Children's Day is coming! The good life given by SAFETY requires our joint efforts and wishes all children to grow up healthily and happily.

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